For headphones or headsets, we frequently use the terms musicians or gamers. Due to Zoom® and other online meetings that have been commonplace since the COVID-19 outbreak, headphones have also taken their position among our indispensable items. While we wait to protect and adjust wood headphone stands or wood headset stands to all decors,
VR (Virtual Reality) has also invaded our lives with Metaverse® reality.

As known, VR is a computer-generated world featuring realistic-looking scenes and objects that immerses the viewer in their surroundings. This environment is perceived by using a Virtual Reality headset or helmet.


As a result, the headset concept will exist for experiencing rather than just listening and talking. So, are you prepared for this transition?

1. Does VR Hurt Your Eyes? If Hurt, What Do I Need to Do?

When a user uses VR, their brain is compelled to process visual stimuli in a different way than usual. This can result in eye strain, which is just weariness of the eye muscles. Although eye strain may not cause long-term difficulties, it is a sign that the eyes and brain need a break from the activity. That is why, during those breaks, you should use a wood headset stand to protect your VR headset.

2. Is the Virtual Headset likewise protected by the Wooden Headset Stand?

Naturally, it provides a secure and undamaged storage and keeping facility. It does not have a tip that can injure any item or surface because the installation that makes up its design is not sharp.

3. Does the Wood Headset Stand Provide a Durable Framework for the Gaming Headset?

Is the wooden headset stand suitable for gamers and their gaming setup?

Yes, of course. Because of its structure, wood exhibits natural harmony. So, with the wood headset stand, you can always have your gaming headset ready for the next game!

4. Can I Use the Same Wood Stand for Headphones and Headsets?

Without a doubt, yeah! Any wooden headphone stands or wooden headset stands that you find will have interchangeable universal designs.

5. Do I Need a Wood Headset Stand for My Wireless Headset?

Being wireless, or not having a cable, does not reduce the need for it to be protected and stored correctly. Making certain that you keep it correctly between usage will ensure that both your ear health and your headphone or headset can be utilized for an extended period of time.


In Metaverse®, or any virtual universe or in the world, we always make your life easier with wooden solutions. Where the wood crafts!