Let’s begin with simple questions: Easter Date 2022? When is Easter 2022? The answer is, April 17th, Sunday.




What is Easter?

The most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church is the Resurrection of Christ, celebrated (in the Western Church) on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox. the weekend from Good Friday to Easter Monday.


If we cover the basics, let’s start to think about eggs, bunnies, brunches and of course the gifts!

We have 5 special suggestions about Easter gifts only for you!


1) A Handmade Wood Sign

If you like wood for Easter, such as eggs or bunnies, you may go for a wood floor, white wood and wood paint, or a wood fire, or even home depot wood. Why don't you finish or complete the project you started with the wood sign? One of the nicest aspects of your Easter home decor or wall art decor might be a custom wood sign.

2) Family Name Sign Made of Wood

Easter is one of the most important days in the calendar for family get-togethers. If you want a wood sign with your family name on it, it will create a wonderful atmosphere for you to feel happy and enjoy time with your loved ones.

3) Personalized Wood Address Sign

The address sign can be used at any time. To make your house or shop stand out from the crowd, or just to be one-of-a-kind. However, having an Easter-themed wood sign allows you feel and share the spirit of the celebration.


4) Customized Wood Sign

Easter is a time of joy and generosity for everyone. However, you may still apply some personal effects to amaze everyone. The spirit of Easter 2022 will be blessed by all of you if you hang a wooden sign at your front door and take pictures with your friends and family!

5) Easter Wooden Sign

Wood Easter is about sharing and feeling a sense of community, and this is a hallmark of Easter. Bring nature's joy and happiness into your home and wherever you are with your family. Have a fantastic time as a gift or as a permanent resident of your house.


Falkel offers a variety of options for you to celebrate the joy and resurrection with your loved ones!

At Easter or whenever you want!