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Don't Miss out on April Discounts up to 55% on All Products!
Don't Miss out on April Discounts up to 55% on All Products!

Some FAQ


Are your Products Exactly The Same As The Ones Shown In the Photos?

Since our products are made entirely of real wood, each wood is unique and may differ slightly from the other. However, since we work with the same care for each of our products, you will receive almost the same products as in the photo.

Are Your Products Suitable for Gifting?

Definitely yes! Real wood has a timeless elegance, it will make a unique and wonderful gift. It is possible to make this uniqueness more specific by buying our personalized products. You can receive gifts with peace of mind from our carefully packaged products.

Do You Sell Products with Our Logo? Do You Have Wholesale to Companies or Individuals?

The answer to both questions is yes! We would love to inspire your projects and work with you. You can send your requests to

Is The Wood You Use in Your Products of Good Quality and is it Durable?

Yes! We use the highest quality real wood for our products.
As a result, very durable and high-quality products emerge.


Which Payment Methods Do
You Accept?

You can make your payment with multiple payment methods. We only accept completely secure and approved payment methods: PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.


Can I Make Changes to My Order?

Of course! You can make any changes you want before your order leaves. After you receive the Tracking ID, the change may not be accepted. Please contact for any changes request.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes, you can. If it is on its way, the cancellation may not be accepted. Please contact us at the following address for these requests: